Art Fundraiser is on now!

You should be receiving a sample of your child’s artwork (via email or sent home) in the next week.  There will also be an order form with it.  Once you have seen the artwork, you can decide to purchase or not.  Orders can be placed after Nov.4th – this allows time for the artwork to be shipped and scanned.

To place an order, go to:

The access code is BGV2019

Payments are made online (follow the links).  If you cannot access online ordering, please fill out the order form that went home and bring it to the school with your cheque or money order.  Bring it to the classroom teacher or Mrs. Wilson in the library.

Funds will be shared between the school and the library.  Last time, the school was able to purchase new school shirts for sports teams.

Student Vote is set for Thursday, October 17th

The students in Ms. Newton’s, Mr. Evans’, and Mrs. Lavelle’s  classes will be casting their vote for who they think should be leading the country for the next four years.  They have been learning about the electoral process, party platforms and candidates, and using Civix resources such as the Vote Compass to see where their ideas align.

School Fundraiser is underway!

Watch for artwork (photocopied or emailed photos) and order forms coming home before October 23rd.  Ordering will take place in early November by going online (website is on order form; there will be a live link here as well).

School District #19 (Revelstoke) – Begbie View Elementary School