Book Character Day January 27th

Celebrate Family Literacy Day on Wednesday, January 27th! Our school will be encouraging staff and students to dress as their favourite book character and share why they love their chosen book or book character. If possible, have a copy of the book with you. This is a great way to share awesome books and inspire others to read them! Dig through your tickle trunks and book shelves! This year, designated class cohorts will be sharing their costumes and an activity together. There will be lots of photos in the assembly!

Art Card Fundraiser: ordering information

Throughout the next week, you will receive a photo of the artwork your child made for this fundraiser.  (Funds raised will help to purchase equipment for the school.)

After you receive the photo of the artwork – you can go to  to see the all the options you have for purchasing.  The items will feature your child’s art and include  cards, puzzles, phone cases, masks, mugs, handbags, calendars, pillow cases, blankets and more! (We used this same company last year for those of you who might remember!).

To make an order, you will need to use the school code: BEGB2021  and then go into your child’s class and find their artwork.
Please note:  THE QR CODE DOES NOT WORK!  Please DO NOT use the QR code.
Questions can be directed to Ms.  Wilson in the Library.
Ordering will be “live” online only between January 22nd and 29th.   Ordering is all done directly with the website.

January 11th PAC Meeting

See you Monday, Jan. 11th, 7:00pm (**Note the later time this meeting)

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Nov 20 Assembly

We managed to do our first “regular” assembly today, by video.  Hope you enjoy!

(You’ll need your child’s Office 365 account to access the video from Stream)

Spirit Squad Fundraiser

Spirit Squad Fundraiser

Spirit Squad will be accepting pre-orders for our fabulous centrepieces this year. They will again be $20.00 each, and you can choose your colour (within reason) when you order. The kids love making these, and we use the money for things like Pizza party prizes, supplies for our fun days, and decorations. Since Spirit Squad is limited to one cohort this term, we will limit the number of centerpieces we make to 12. First come, first serve! They will look similar to the picture, but likely, with a little more ‘flavour’! They will be available for pick-up from outside the school by December 11th  If you are interested, please order by December 1st

You can email Kim Floyd at


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