Grade 5/6

The Book of Us 


Page 1How Old is the Earth 


The age of the Earth: 

Write that in just numbers: 

Scientists know how old the Earth is because they study:  

One other thing you learned from the video: 

One question you have about this idea: 


Page 2Humans Come into the Picture 

Read the Overview: Homo sapiens come into existence: 

Homo Sapiens appeared: 

The first humans (homo sapiens) came to North America: 

There was a land bridge between: 

The bridge was also called: 

Important facts about the land bridge: 


Page 3: Indigenous People of Canada Pre-Contact 

Watch from 11:40 to 13 minutes: 

Watch from to : 


Page 4: Arrival of Europeans, the Vikings 






Media Literacy:

Feed For Thought


Online Verification Skills (3 videos)


Deconstructing Websites:

Evaluating websites.

Sample Fake Sites

Dog Island

Dogs and More Dogs

Dr. Mercola’s Aspartame article

Health Canada

National Multiple Sclerosis Association

American Cancer Society


Ms. Newton’s Canada Timeline Project:

Beringia: – Encyclopedia article – Video


Vikings in Canada article


– video

John Cabot: – Encyclopedia article – another article – Video

Jacques Cartier:

Encyclopedia article with video

Samuel de Champlain: – Encyclopedia article – Port Royal and Habitation – video

Etienne Brule: – Encyclopedia  – video

Fur Trade: Beaver Felt Hats – Encyclopedia – video


Henry Hudson: – Article with video

Hudson Bay Company:

Plains  of Abraham:  – video

Treaty of Paris  – article – video

James Cook: – article

Northwest Company – article – video

The War of 1812 – article – video

John Franklin



Fraser River Gold Rush

Gold was discovered on the Thompson River near Lytton and later north of Lillooet.

Miners came from the California gold rush.

Caribou Gold Rush

Took place in central interior BC – Lytton, Clinton, 100 Mile House, Wiliams Lake…

Over 10,000 people came to the area.

The main town was Barkerville.

The Caribou Wagon Road  was needed to bring law and order to the gold rush area.  Enabled government to establish itself in the area – to assert authority and control the money being generated (instead of it going back to the US).  Also to make BC more competitive with other gold rushes.

$50 million worth of gold.


“Canada” (Ontario and Quebec today) liked the idea of Confederation because it had the most people and could therefore maintain control.

Newfoundland and PEI didn’t like representation by population because they had so few people it would mean they had no voice.

The provinces that were created were Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Signed July 1st 1867.

Northwest Mounted Police

Created in 1874 to restore order in the vast, lawless prairies.  To combat American whisky traders and outlaws that were “ruling” the land.


The Last Spike – article



Klondike Gold Rush  – article -video



The Constitution of Canada

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that all  people are equal before the law, whatever their race, sex or religion.

With the Constitution, Canada no longer needed approval from England to add or change Canadian laws.

Queen Elizabeth and Pierre Elliott Trudeau (the prime minister) signed the Charter in 1982.



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