K-3 Resources

Primary Websites: Literacy

Starfall.com – A variety of activities for beginning readers

Alphabet Antics – a variety of games to learn alphabetical order

ABC ya Connect the Dots – connect the letters in order to make a picture
Alphabet Letter Videos –  videos for the letters
of the alphabet

Emerging Readers Websites

Raz KidsBetween the Lions – games and activities

Rhyming Rockets

Primary Websites: Numberacy 

Greg Tang Math

Khan Academy K-2

Khan Academy Grade 3





Grade 2/3 First Nations Study:

Metis:  about the peopleMetis Tools,  Metis Music and Dance,  Metis Art

Iroquois:  about the people, Iroquois tools, Iroquois music and dance,

Blackfoot:  about the people,  Blackfoot music and dance,

Salish:  moving around by canoe, Salish music and dance, Salish art,

Inuit: the people, Inuit music and dance,


School District #19 (Revelstoke) – Begbie View Elementary School