BVE Student / Family Handbook





Mrs. Ariel McDowell, PRINCIPAL

Bag 7100, 1001 MacKenzie Ave

Revelstoke, BC




Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Begbie View Elementary!  I look forward to continuing the work we have begun together with Begbie View students and families building our school community.  Along with the staff, we are all excited being in the journey with our students in the development of all aspects of their personal growth.

This handbook/agenda is a valuable tool to help you become involved, informed and organized.  Parents, please take the time to read through and discuss this section of the agenda with your child(ren).  Should you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to give us a call (837-3085).  Please be sure to check out the school calendar to plan for upcoming events, non-instructional days, and holidays.



At BVE, we strive to create a culture of inclusion and respect. In this environment, students are able to work towards becoming life-long, creative and critical learners who are connected, compassionate and contributing members of their community.

 Growing Together…

Being Our Best


Begbie View Elementary is a school where everyone works together to be our best.  We are committed to creating a community of learning that strives for academic excellence and focuses on:

  • honesty and integrity
  • creativity
  • social, emotional, and physical health
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • thoughtfulness

The contributions of our community in the education of our students is valued and encouraged in working to develop successful citizens.



School begins                                      8:30

Recess                                     10:10-10:30

Lunch                                    11:50-12:40

Afternoon classes begin                     12:40

Dismissal                                            2:30



Parents/guardians are welcome to communicate with the school at any time. Please feel free to contact the school with any concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. We welcome your input. Here is a list of some of the types of home-school communication found at BVE.

  • Informal Reporting: includes regular teacher contact via telephone, email or in person.
    • Students’ agenda checked and signed daily by parents and/or teachers.
    • Monthly newsletters
    • Class blogs, Twitter: @bvebest, Facebook: Begbie View Elementary
    • School and district website:
    • Communicating Student Learning (student reporting) will occur throughout the year. Format for each reporting session may consist of student portfolio summaries, written progress profiles, family conferences or student-led conferences.  Each teacher will advise you of the format they will use.


 How Can Parents Support Student Learning?

  • Read and discuss the contents of this agenda with your child.
  • Check and sign your child’s agenda each day. You may also use the agenda as a home-school communication tool.
  • Contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Choose one or many ways to become involved at BVE.
  • Become familiar with our school’s programs, policies, and operations. If you are not sure, please ask us.
  • Support your child with his/her homework.
  • Attend family conferences. Participate in PALS (for kindergarten parents), POPS (for Gr. 1 and 2 parents) and PAUSE (Gr 5).


Read with your child. Read to your child. Read alongside your child.

 Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Our PAC group is a vital part of our school. As a primary voice of the parents, they meet regularly to discuss issues, ideas or general concerns pertaining to our school and serve as a key support with special events, funding special initiatives, and projects at the school.  Begbie View PAC aims to assist the learning of our students while encouraging success and pride in our school and community.  All BVE parents/guardians are part of the PAC and are encouraged to become involved.  Come out and help us continue to make BVE a great place to be!.


We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who work hard to improve student learning within our school. Parents, grandparents, retired teachers, and other community members help with a wide range of activities both in and out of the classroom, as well as with  special events and trips.  Please let your child’s teacher or the office know, if you are able to volunteer in any way.

For the safety of our children, volunteers may be requested to complete a SD19 volunteer information form and/or a criminal record check.  Confidentiality is essential when working with our children.

 Student Activities

We have many dedicated staff and volunteers who provide a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Students are encouraged to get involved with any or all activities when they are offered.



 Aborginal Support

Two days per week, our district Elementary Aboriginal Student Assistant provides a range of activities for both our school’s Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students. Contact the school for more information.


Our district counselor works with students at our school each week.  Should you feel your son, or daughter would benefit from counseling support, please contact Mr. Hicks, or your child’s teacher.

 Speech-Language Services

Our district speech language pathologist will work with students across our district to assist with speech and language development. Contact the school for more information.

 Learning Support

Our Learning Support teachers work with students, Educational Assistants, specialists, and classroom teachers to develop supports for students as needed in consultation with the school-based team, which includes parents.


The purpose of home-study in the primary grades is to develop personal responsibility and to reinforce learning outcomes with an emphasis on reading.  Parents are encouraged to read with their child for 10 to 20 minutes nightly including spending time discussing story meaning, events, and vocabulary.  In the event of an absence, work may be sent home to ensure students progress with their classmates.

The purpose of homework at the Intermediate level is to review area(s) of difficulty as identified by the teacher for an individual child, work on projects assigned in class, complete work not finished in class, and prepare for tests.

It is our belief that home-study is a shared responsibility between the student, parent and school.  We will ensure parents are aware of work to be completed and the due date to be returned to school through the student agenda.  We request parents monitor their child to ensure they meet their responsibility of completing assigned work.

 If your child seems to be overwhelmed with homework on a regular basis, please contact their teacher.




Some students are transported to and from school and/or on fieldtrips via the district bussing service.  Students are reminded that this service is a privilege. They are required to behave in a respectful and responsible manner as per our school code of conduct and district expectations to ensure safe transportation for all students.


A library schedule will be sent home with all of our students at the beginning of the year. Books may be borrowed for up to two weeks. BVE parents also have borrowing privileges.

 Accelerated Reader Program

The AR Program encourages student to  read and assess their comprehension with AR certified books. Students can track their progress based on the assessment success and difficulty of the book.

 Attendance and Punctuality

Punctual and regular attendance is very important to students’ success in their learning.  Begbie View Elementary encourages parents to support punctual, daily attendance by establishing home routines that maintain regular hours of sleep and a morning schedule that ensures students have the time necessary to be prepared and on time for school. Students who arrive late to school miss out on essential instruction at the beginning of the lesson and school day. They also impact the learning of others by disrupting the rest of the class and the teacher.  Please advise us of any barriers which may impede full attendance so we can support your family to ensure they are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.

Absence And Late Arrival

Please call the school if your child will be absent or late.  We need to know that everyone who left for school arrived safely!  Please expect a call from the school if you forget.  Students arriving late must report to the office before going to the classroom.

 Student Sign In And Out

Please sign in/out at the office if your child is coming late, returning to school from an appointment or leaves the school during the day due to illness, appointments, etc. The Sign In/Out Book is on the counter in the office.

 Illnesses and Accidents

Please help keep all children healthy by having your child at home if they are sick.  Generally speaking, if they are too sick to go outside at recess and/or lunch, they are too sick to be at school.

When an accident, or illness occurs at school, first aid will be administered and the parent/caregiver notified.  The school district will accept financial responsibility, if a staff member needs to call an ambulance.  Please ensure the school has an emergency contact in the event you are unavailable, or cannot be reached.

 Recess And Lunchtime

We encourage students to be active during recess and lunch and request all students be outside during these times, unless organized activities are available.  There are staff outside at recess and lunch for anyone who needs help.

Nutrition Guidelines:

Healthy eating is important to children’s growth and development. When students eat well at school, they learn better, feel better and have energy for their busy, active days. We encourage families to support their child’s nutrition by sending non-packaged food items that include items from a variety of food groups:  fruits and vegetables, breads, dairy, and meat or alternates.

It is the intent of Begbie View Elementary to use recognition that does not undermine the health of students and/or reinforce unhealthy eating habits.

Foods and beverages that do not meet the ‘Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools’ should rarely make up food choices that are offered to students by parents, teachers and students in all venues, through all programs, at all events and celebrations.  With permission of the Principal, some events may continue to offer food as part of the celebration and would be exempt from our nutrition guidelines.

Classrooms or school events should not to be used by families to recognize individual student celebrations e.g. cakes/cupcakes for birthdays.

 Leaving School Grounds

Students are expected to remain on school grounds during the day including recess and lunch. Parent written permission must be provided to permit students to go home for lunch.  Prior to leaving the school, each student will sign out in the office and sign in on their return.  Parents please check into the office if you are picking your child up to leave early.

Students who are able to have lunch at home are encouraged to do so as the break can be very good for many students.


School employees may only administer medication if a medication request form has been completed by the child’s parent and physician.  Forms are available at the school office.  If your child has a serious allergy, or life threatening illness, please inform the principal.

 Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards And Roller Blades

Bike racks are provided at the front of the school. Students are to park and lock their bikes and scooters on the racks.  Students may only be at the bike racks when they are arriving or leaving with their bicycles/scooters.

Students may carry their skateboards and roller blades inside the school so that they may be safely stored during the day. At no time may they be used inside the building.

In order to keep our students safe, and to reduce damage to our playground environment, no bikes, skateboards, or scooters may be ridden on school grounds.  Rollerblades may be worn on school grounds when arriving, or departing.

 Dress Code

In keeping with our Code of Conduct, students are expected to dress in a clean, neat and appropriate manner for a school setting.  Clothing with offensive words, slogans, or pictures are inappropriate for school.

Internet Usage At BVE

Every student who accesses the Internet at school must have a signed “Consent, Waiver and Indemnity” form on file at school. Students may only access sites that are considered educational and/or directly related to curricular learning.  Internet privileges may be revoked if guidelines are not followed.

 Cell Phones, Electronic Devices At School

The school recognizes the need for parents and their children to remain in close contact for personal reasons.  Cell phones and other personal electronic devices, do however create a distraction for students during class.  Students are expected to keep personal devices in backpacks, or other secure location during the school day.  Please call the school (837-3085) should there be an emergent need to contact your son, or daughter.

We encourage students to remain as active as possible during recess and lunch periods, and therefore recommend all music/video and personal game players remain at home unless required as part of the student’s educational program.

 Traffic Safety

We request that all parents driving vehicles follow all the traffic signs, including speed limit, drop off/pick up zone, parking/no parking area, etc. If you are riding bikes, please wear helmets, use the bike route by the fields, and walk bikes on the school grounds. Adults who are good role models for our children are  appreciated. To reduce congestion in our traffic circle, parents of older students are encouraged to drop/pickup children from Mackenzie Ave, 9th St. or Vernon Ave (RSS).


For the safety of all children and protection of quality classroom instruction, all visitors including parents must report to the school office.  We will be happy to assist you with lunch deliveries or other needs.


To support our work with students achieving our code of conduct and behaviour expectations students may be recognized through our regular in class celebrations and our “Be Your Best” recognition.

 BVE CODE OF CONDUCT – please visit the Code of Conduct tab



School District #19 (Revelstoke) – Begbie View Elementary School