Books (video format) that may be useful:

Little Hummingbird  by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas – video retelling

The Lorax 18 minutes – actual book with text highlighted (good for primary)

The Lorax animated – but not the movie

The Giving Tree

Background information about this project:

Information about our CLIMATE ACTION QUILT project 

Who is Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Change?

Interview with Ellen – video

Award Winner summary – video

Explaining Climate Change:

Penguins and Polar Bears explains Global Warming – video, primary

Greenhouse Gases and Global warming explained – video, primary

Bill Nye explains global warming in a serious way

Causes of Climate Change explained National Geographic – video

Climate Change explained for intermediate – video

National Geographic Kids – website

NASA Climate Kids- website

Do Something Org – Factsheet about climate change  

From Ducksters – about Climate Change, website

World Wildlife Fund  – Poster


Related topics:


Animated Picture Book: Whale’s Tale – video, primary

Paper or Plastic green ninja – video, K-5

History of Plastic by National Geographic – video – 3-7


Climate Change: Impact on Animals – video

Climate Change and Birds: National Audubon Society – video 

Can Animals Adapt to Climate Change? video

Website with information about climate change and animals.


What are fossil fuels? National Geographic video

Renewable Energy National Geographic – video

Renewable Energies by Ducksters – website

Clean BC  – reducing energy consumption in BC – website


Carbon Footprint

Green Ninja Footprint cartoon – explains and includes personal action

EnergyStar Carbon Footprint – calculating our impact

Carbon Footprint – resources and activities

Carbon footprint website – videos and resources



Glaciers and oceans

Bill Nye Melting Glaciers for Intermediate

Melting Glaciers – video, gr. 4-7

National Geographic – article, intermediate



Beyond Recycling – website


Inspiring kids and ideas on what we can do!

What Can We Do:  Taking Action (and getting inspiration) video

Climate Reality project -website


Resources for teachers:

World Wildlife Fund

Climate Education for kids

Rainforest Alliance Org with good links


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