Internet Safety Resources


Data Defenders



View video

Password Module

Test password strength

2. Privacy:

Video: Sharing information online

Video: Privacy Test

Practice privacy skills

3. Digital Footprint


Module Activity – practice your skills!

Digital Reputation video

your online profile is public –

who is looking anyway?

4. Being nice to yourself and others: navigating social media

Social media and friendships- the need for boundaries



5. Ethics and Cyberbullying


CSM video

Practice Social Media Cyberbullying skills

6. Healthy Media Diet

Digital Wellness Quiz

Recognize addiction

Big Think Video – Slot machine effect



Common Sense Media:

Check for age-appropriate movies, books and video games.

Screens and the brain:


Screen Time and general health:

too much screen time...

Impact on the Brain

Cyberbullying, media messaging, privacy and digital footprints.

Manage Screen Time

Cell phones



More distraction!

Strategies to manage distraction.


Reality Check


School District #19 (Revelstoke) – Begbie View Elementary School