School Supplies


School supplies and agendas for 2021-2022

Begbie View Elementary School  will again be doing a bulk purchase of school supplies for 2021/2022.   Bulk purchasing drastically reduces the cost of supplies for families.  Cost for supplies will be $30 per student, with a family maximum cost of $60.  All the necessary supplies will be here and in classrooms in time for September startup, so there is no need for families to go out and buy their own.  Grade 1 to 7 students are also required to purchase an agenda at a cost of $7.00.  Total cost per student is $37 for supplies and agenda, due the first week of September.

Note that the bulk order of supplies is not mandatory; families opt out of the school supply program, and may purchase their own supplies.  Supply lists will be posted for each grade on the BVE website in August.

K Supply list 19-20

Grade 2 & 3 2019-2020

2019-2020Supply List Grade 4-7 (final) docx

Grade 1 2019-20

School District #19 (Revelstoke) – Begbie View Elementary School